Lab Members

Paul Cohen
Principal Investigator

  • Albert Resnick, M.D. Assistant Professor,
    Laboratory of Molecular Metabolism,
    The Rockefeller University 2015 -
  • M.D. Weill Cornell Medical College, 2004
  • Ph.D. The Rockefeller University, 2003
  • A.B. Biology, Harvard College, 1996

Sarah Ackerman
PhD Student ('14-)

B.S. SUNY Geneseo (2010-14)

Sarah is investigating the link between obesity and breast cancer. She is passionate about science education and science policy.

Olivia Maguire
MD-PhD Student ('14-) | Women & Sci. Fellow

B.A. NYU (2009-13)

Olivia is interested in the link between obesity and cancer. In addition to science, she loves her dog, Dexter, brunch, and Gilmore Girls.

Sarah Marx
MD Student ('14-) | Sarnoff Fellow in Cardiovascular Research

B.S. Yale University (2010-14)

Sarah is studying the link between obesity and hypertension, specifically how beige fat regulates blood pressure. In addition to science, Sarah loves trying new ice cream flavors, running and hiking.

Jingyi Chi
PhD Student ('14-)

B.S. Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison (2010-14)

Jingyi is interested in the basic mechanisms of cold-induced beiging. She also enjoys Lego building.

Aarthi Maganti-Vijaykumar
Helmsley Postdoctoral Fellow ('15-)

Ph.D. Indiana University Sch. of Med. (2009-15)
B.E. B.M.S College of Engineering, India (2004-08)

Aarthi is interested in obesity and type II diabetes.

Sean O'Connor
PhD Student ('14-) | Sackler Institute Fellow

B.A. Occidental College (2009-13)

Sean is studying inter-organ communication between adipose tissue and liver.

Chan Hee Choi
MD-PhD Student ('13-)

B.S. University of Chicago (2008-12)

Chan Hee is currently interested in understanding the genetic mechanisms underlying beige adipogenesis.

François Marchildon
Helmsley Postdoctoral Fellow ('15-)

Ph.D. University of Ottawa (2009 - 15)

In Ottawa, François studied muscle stem cell biology in cancer cachexia. He now investigates how exercise can reduce cancer progression.

Audrey Crane
Research Assistant ('17-)

B.A. Barnard College (2013-17)

Audrey is working with Chan Hee and Jingyi to characterize the secretome of adipose tissues and to visualize the mechanism of cold-induced beiging.

Tobias Becher
Instructor in Clinical Investigation ('17-)

M.D., Rheinische-Friedrich-Wilhelms University Bonn, Germany (2011)

Tobias is investigating the link between hypertension and obesity as well as genetic contributions to brown adipose tissue activity. He enjoys playing tennis and exploring New York City.

Daniel Kramer
MD-PhD Student ('15-)

B.S. Harvard College (2011-15)

Danny is studying how fat cells sense and respond to changes in temperature.

Filipe Moura
Visiting Fellow ('17-)

M.D. University of Brasilia (2007 - 13)

Ph.D. State University of Campinas (2013 - 16)

Filipe is currently working with Toby in studying mechanisms underlying the interaction between obesity and vascular function and genetic determinants of brown adipose tissue activity.

Name Former Position Current Position
Elina Stoffel Visiting MD-PhD student (Summer 2016) MD-PhD student at University of Zurich
Alexander Gomez Visiting medical student, 2015 - 2016 Medical student at Icahn School of Medicine
Jay Singh Postdoctoral Fellow, 2015 - 2016 Senior Research Scientist at Merck
Anisha Duvvi High school student (Summer 2016) Undergraduate Cornell
Adam Stein High school student (Summer 2016) Undergraduate UCLA
Brian Olivo High school student (Summer 2015) ---
Rachel Herz-Roiphe Undergraduate Student (Summer 2015) Undergraduate at Brown University
Bojing (Blair) Jia Reserach Assistant (2015-2017) MD PhD Student at UC San Diego
Zhenfang Huangcao Postdoctoral Fellow (2015-2017) Consultant Analyst at Alacrita Consulting
Lily Ngyuen Reserach Specialist (2015-2017) MD Phd at the University of Colorado